You may notice that the last posted blog entry on this blog is dated Feb 2010. Since February, I have moved from Madison, WI to Kansas City, MO to be a part of a local prayer community and a growing family of artists connected to the Kansas City Art Institute.

Since I moved here, I have helped a friend (himself a fresh graduate from KCAI) begin the process of launching an arts journal out of our family of friends: joyfully named BREAD & GLITTER.

B&G will be both a web and print-published arts journal (look for the first print issue in mid-december) showcasing a mix of essays, life & cultural reflections, reviews and profiles of local artists and their work. It is designed to provide a minor stage on which an excellent relationship between art, faith, culture renewal, and local community can be celebrated.

Through B&G, much of the spirit of the Matchbox loves on in what is already a more vigorous form and so it is very unlikely I will come back to the Matchbox, however I will leave the site up for reference.

Anyone who finds this and enjoys what they see should forward themselves on to BREAD & GLITTER at  http://breadandglitterjournal.com/

Thanks all for stopping by this quiet corner of the digital desert.